One number – let us raise and then exceed all expectations of what 10 digits can do for you. From voice, video, instant messaging, multimedia messaging, social applications and web pages, a number can be the single gateway for all the services that you may now use multiple interfaces and devices for.

Untangle, simplify, consolidate, economize time and money while branding yourself , your company or organization as technology futurists.

Our first product is RTCellular. Out of the box RTCellular removes the conventional shortcomings the rest of everybody contracts for with traditional cellular providers.

Contract? — there is no term for RTCellular service, you are in full control, it is up to us to keep you fully pleased wth our service, not just month to month, but day by day

Cost? – just 50 cents per day is all your phone and phone number will cost you. If you place and receive your phone calls and surf the web using WiFi — that is ALL we charge. Receiving voicemail and sending and receiving texts are always free. Not in a WiFi zone, or leaving one and need to connect to a cellular tower? No problem, calls that are in progress are handed to a cell tower uninterrupted. We charge only 2.5 cents per minute for voice and 2.5 cents per megabyte of data usage.

Flexibility? Want to redirect calls to a different phone? Like other phones to ring simultaneously when your RTCellular number is called? Prefer text messages to go to email or another messaging service like Facebook Messenger or Twitter? Aren’t we already over 14% into the 21st century? Why has the obvious taken so long?

Like your current number? We will port it over.

Voicemail a drag to listen to? At no cost we transcribe it and email the text to you along with the time, caller ID information and attach a recording. The transcriptions are not always 100% accurate but they are surprisingly good. And you will never again have to sneak off to a quiet place to listen to what turns out to be an unimportant message.

Want to host an audio conference? Why not? An audio bridge is also part of the service.

Need to record? Built in. Just be courteous and obey all local laws.

Videocalls? Yes we do that too, same number

Want to use multiple RTCwireless devices as extensions to one number or multiple numbers with autoattendants, call queuing, distributed voicemail either in a new service or integrated with an existing phone system. Sure we do that, we can build you a complete corporate call center and give you the controls to manage it.

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